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World Clean Up 2012: Let’s Clean the World Together

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Did you know that there are actually 100 million tons of illegal garbage lying around the world? Waste is everywhere - in cities, beaches, oceans, forests…and probably closer to you than you think. Each cleanup action could be a huge step towards clean planet and hopefully World Cleanup 2012 brings those efforts together.

This organization helps to identify illegal waste points all around the world and helps people to get together to clean up the mess on a D-day! In 2012, from 24th of March until 25th of September, a series of cleanups will sweep over the globe, touching all continents and bringing together millions of people who will be cleaning up their Planet. So far, 24 593 points have been identified on the World trash map in 94 countries, 300 000 millions people are participating and 100 millions of trash have been cleaned up! Check up the video below:

Have a look at the countries section of the {{LNK|Let’s Do It|http://www.letsdoitworld.org/worldcleanup2012}} website to see if there is already a group or organization who has started the initiative in your country. If not, then take this wonderful opportunity to be the one who sets things going!

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