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Carbon Accounting... Still A Blurry Notion for Many

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Carbon accounting is still quite of a blurry notion for a lot of persons that are not professionally involved in sustainable performance or CSR. If most of us think they already know everything about it, take a minute to observe this info-graphic…

You might be surprised by the figures.

Either way, share it!

If most companies do not yet monitor their carbon footprint, or cannot tell the level of carbon they have been consuming this year - because it is not yet mandatory, and requires to be strategically integrated to the business’ core organization - it is even more worrying that 58% of them - that is, more than 1 out of 2 companies - has not even heard of the term…! And less than a quarter of those who have, can actually describe what that accurately means.

What is the conclusion to this? Sustainable performance still got a long way to go, and it seems to only just be the beginning… The small part of corporations who do take the matter seriously needs to communicate way more about it, and "non-competitive good practices" must widely be shared...!

What is your interpretation of it? Share it with us!

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