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Wizness Update: Share Updates in Organizations & Select your Targets

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Hi Wizness members!

This new update will present you a development we’ve made to facilitate content submissions within organizations.

Every one of you is now able to post updates on an organization’s wall, as long as you’re following it from any of its groups of stakeholders. You can post on the wall of a community you’ve joined or a company you’re following.

You can also select the groups of stakeholders you’d like to target (fellow members or administrators for instance), the group by default being the one you belong to. Furthermore, this selection works for every type of content you can create within an organization: news, events, documents and best practices.

As an example, let’s check how my sharing feature now looks like if I want to share an update on the BSR’s wall:

We hope you’ll find this development useful, and please give us your feedback or additional ideas below!

Have fun!

The Wizness Team

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