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After confronting KitKat, Nike, Puma and Volkswagen, Greenpeace is taking it out on Apple

After asking KitKat to {{LNK|give rainforests a break|}} and use responsible palm oil, after inviting Nike, Puma and Adidas to {{LNK|"detox our future"|}} and ban toxic chemicals from their products, and after {{LNK|turning Volkswagen away from the Dark Side|}} with a funny ad parody, Greenpeace now takes it out at Apple and its dirty data centers.

"Getting Apple off coal is a big deal, data centers are one of the fastest growing sources of new electricity demand in the world", explains the environmental association. "Apple is a leader when it comes to innovative technology. While their products are cutting edge, the giant data centers they use to store and send our iPhotos, iTunes, Apps, and all the other things we love about Apple, use coal — the oldest, dirtiest power source."

As always, Greenpeace did it best to produce an informative and funny video on the subject:

According to Greenpeace's website, here's 3 reasons Apple should lead the clean energy [R]evolution:

1. It's innovative: Apple is the most cutting-edge company in the world and they don't want their customers associating their brand with a 19th Century energy source that is poisoning the air and wrecking our climate.

2. It's practical: technology that uses clean and unlimited energy sources like the sun and the wind are available today at the scale required. Greenpeace is already working with Facebook to make the switch right now and we'd be happy to work with Apple.

3. It's right: These aren't evil companies. Their executives care about the world their children will inherit, just like we do. Tell Apple and other major tech companies that you want a coal-free cloud.

{{LNK|Take action now| Apple launch (1)&utm_content=}} by helping Greenpeace reach their goal of 200,000 petitions!

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