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Are SMEs Greener Than Their Larger Counterparts?

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According to a study from the {{LNK|Eurobaromètre|}}, the European Commission’s Public Opinion analysis department, SMEs would be much greener than their larger counterparts in Europe, for the simple reason they happen to contribute more to the creation of “green jobs”. About “one employee out of eight working in SMEs occupies a green job position (…) against only one out of thirty-three in larger companies.”

Despite a few restrictions such as administrative constraints, SMEs are likely to hold the distance in the long run, as they do not yet exploit their potential to its full extent, as explained by Antonio Tajani, vice-president in charge of industry and entrepreneurship at the European Commission. “I am very proud to see SMEs exploit this enormous potential, with reinforced innovation, increased competitiveness and job creations as a reward thrown in. But there is a lot left to be achieved. Only a few rare enterprises currently expand their green activity across borders. As the EU represents about one third of the worldwide environmental industrial market, SMEs are facing a tremendous growth potential.”

For 87% of European SMEs, green markets indeed remain essentially local and few of them actually take the risk of offering their product and services abroad, for the time being. Public green markets also represent a second challenge to be faced, as only “11% of SMEs in the EU answer public demand involving environmental requirements, versus 16% of large enterprises.”

Will European SMEs show ability to face these challenges and set the example? I would be quite interested to hear your thoughts about the question, as well as your personal stories coming from such – small, medium or large – companies you have worked for.

I meanwhile recommend you to read the full report, available {{LNK|here|}}, or to download the press release attached right above.

Download the attached file: IP-12-316_FR.doc

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