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Wizness Update: New Sustainability Rankings on Your Corporate Profiles

Hi Wizness Members!

We’re glad to announce that two of our partners, the {{LNK|SMI|}} and {{LNK||}}, have helped us making your Corporate Profiles even more complete.

As you already know, key Sustainability information is displayed on most Corporate Profiles on Wizness. From now on, companies mentioned in the {{LNK|SMI - Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index|}} or evaluated by the {{LNK|ClimateCounts standards|}} will see their rankings and historical scores figure on their respective profiles.

In other words, here is more great data for our readers to get the big picture on these corporations!

Take a look at this example for Dell:

In a close future, we aim to insert all of the main and most relevant Sustainability Scores & Rankings in our Corporate Profiles, to better represent a company’s Sustainability actions and honors.

So if you produce, or represent one of these rankings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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