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Zero Emissions > The Invisible Car

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#GHG #Hydrogen #Transparency
Sustainability is about transparency… And Mercedes Benz seems to have embraced the concept to the fullest. In order to highlight their new emission-free hydrogen fuel cell electric car, the German manufacturer has launched the Mercedes Invisible Car Campaign… Take a look for yourself.

Designed to focus the attention of consumers on “the need for the development of a global {{LNK|hydrogen infrastructure|}} that will make the widespread introduction of locally emission-free fuel cell vehicles possible", the new Class B F-Cell vehicle has been covered “in sheets of light emitting diodes” (LEDs), to illustrate the vehicle’s lack of a footprint to the environment. Thanks to {{LNK|Canon’s Eos 5D Mark II cameras|}} that have been set up on the other side, and record video of everything behind the display, the car actually looks like it is invisible… And the result is quite striking.

{{LNK|Mercedes-Benz|}} says the car, which will not "see the light" until 2014, has a 386-kilometre autonomy, and guarantees environmental transparency, with zero emissions.

A campaign as original as it is significant, can you see?

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