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Positive Energy Housing... The House of Tomorrow?

« Individual Housing + Electric Car = Zero Energy and Zero CO2 »

Such is the equation the MFC Company (Maisons France Confort in French) has been attempting to solve through its latest innovation. Just imagine… a house which produces its own energy and does not emit carbon dioxide, but also generates enough power to recharge your electric car’s battery!

You dreamt it, MFC made it…

Started in 1919 as a family business, the MFC Group is the first individual housing contractor in France, with more than 65.000 houses built over the past 50 years. Acknowledged for the quality of its performance, the innovating aspect of its services and the respect of societal and environmental values it advocates, the MFC Group is considered by its peers and clients as a reference in the world of construction and housing.

Animated by a true team spirit, company founder’s grand-son and actual president Patrick Vandromme is literally flipping the tendency of housing and mobility upside down, with the 2020 MFC Concept “Live and Move Differently” (“Vivre et se Déplacer Autrement” in French). Based on an energetically eco-efficient global approach, associating individual housing and transportation, the 2020 MFC Concept is the first initiative of its kind in Europe – a total revolution in the common conception of housing, as explained on {{LNK|the project’s website|}} :

“The 2020 MFC Concept, or positive energy housing, aims at producing an exceeding amount of energy so to also provide enough charging power for an electric car battery, within the limit of a 40 miles autonomy a day. The construction of this house goes way beyond regulations as it anticipates and integrates all aspects of house-living in the very elaboration of thermal calculations (lightning, IT, household electrical appliances, car…)”

No less than 16 acknowledgeable worldwide companies have contributed with their expertise to this unprecedentedly wide and ambitious project, such as ArcelorMittal, Saint-Gobain, Schneider Electric, Siemens Électroménager or Velux France. Research was mostly focused around eight main themes, and significant solutions have been elaborated, in regards to the following issues:

> Zero CO2
> Zero Energy
> “Housing” and “Housing + Transportation” environmental assessments (CSTB)
> Quality/Health ; Indoor Air Quality Measures
> Smart Grid
> Electric Vehicle
> Disability Access and Mobility
> Water Management

The first prototypes have been inaugurated and can already be visited. I also strongly recommend you to consult the Media Kit you will find below - sorry guys, only available in French for the moment...! - stuffed with fascinating information about both the concept and the opportunities it provides.

Would you like living in such a house ?

Download the attached file: MFC-concept2020-plaquetteweb.pdf

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