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How Much Water Is Your Home Wasting?

Today, most western nations have been used to clean water running directly from the tap… and developed a dangerous habit of abusively wasting this precious resource on a daily basis, for much more than just vital needs. Water is a semi-renewable resource, yet “the world’s supply of clean, usable water is decreasing faster than it can be replenished”… So if we keep acting this way, we take risks that soon, our taps may stop flowing… for good.

Such as {{LNK|climate change|}}, {{LNK|water conservation|}} is an urgent, critical matter everyone needs to start acting responsibly about. 97% of all water on Earth is not fit for consumption, and out of the 3% left, 2% is trapped in ice caps. All the people on the planet have yet to rely on this 1, tiny percent.

Our irresponsible lifestyle has taken us to naturally waste an average of 30% of all the water we use, equivalent to what “{{LNK|Low-flow Fixtures|}}” could help us saving. If norms were to be imposed on faucets, washing machines, shower heads and toilet flushes only, the US alone would spare 5.4 billion gallons a day, which represents no less than $11,3 million dollar! Extend it to a year, and we are talking 2 trillion gallons of water saved, or $4 billion dollars. Extend it to the world… I let you do the maths.

Among the traditional {{LNK|simple gestures|}} we already know, such as using minimum water while showering and washing your hands or teeth, a group of Brazilian activists even took the concept further… By launching a campaign suggesting us all to “{{LNK|Pee in the Shower|}}”! By any means... Water conservation needs to become a way of life.

Now, do you lower your water footprint, and how?

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