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Shattered Sky > Will America Save Us This Time?

What do you think of if I ask you about a movie, in which America saves the world? No, this is not Independence Day. It is a 2012 production, and it is about environment… Any idea? No, it is not about French ecologist Yann Arthus Bertrand’s latest masterpiece “The World’s Thirst” ("La Soif du Monde") either... try again! Still not? Then let me give you an ultimate clue: it is about climate change and the ozone crisis... And your naturally developed green culture will of course refer you to… Steve Dorst and Dan Evans’ “Shattered Sky” movie, well done!

“{{LNK|Shattered Sky|}}” effectively deals with the gigantic hole in the {{LNK|ozone layer|}} that has been reported in the 1980’s – {{LNK|the size of North America|}} – because of man-made {{LNK|CFCs|}} chemicals, which we remember for widespread use in refrigeration, air conditioning technology and other products “that revolutionized America’s way of life”. Due to the high risk of skin-cancer it implied, as predicted by scientists and doctors, an urging change had to be made, regardless the size of the challenge. Despite a slow political reaction, America eventually got our back, and the movie tells us how they heroically “led the world to solve the biggest environmental crisis ever seen.”

If America took the lead in the 1980’s, it however seems no clear position has yet been taken over contemporary climate change issues such as {{LNK|the urge of cutting greenhouse gas emissions|}}, and that of progressively abandoning {{LNK|non-renewable energy|}} for cleaner solutions. Shall we wait for another American exploit? I’m afraid not this time. It is worldwide mobilization we need, as the stakes is slightly higher…

Still, don’t miss the nationwide premieres on Earth Day 2012 (04/22), and in case you have designer skills, hurry up as the {{LNK|Shattered Sky Design Contest|}} will reward the best design for the movie poster with a $3000 check!

And remember…

“Your creativity could inspire us all … to get creative on climate change!”

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