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Doomsday Clock, the Countdown is Close to Zero…

Picture the World’s 4 billion years History as a clock. Now imagine it moving not as time goes by, but as our planet suffers - or heals - from humans’ destructive behavior and gets closer - or further - to the tipping point, Midnight being the end. What time do you think it is?

... Well don't think too much, because...

{{LNK|The Doomsday Clock|}} is a concept that has been imagined in 1947 by the {{LNK|Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists|}}, an award-winning magazine established in 1945, aiming at informing the public about “threats to the survival and development of humanity from nuclear weapons, climate change, and emerging technologies in the life sciences”.

The clock evokes both the “imagery of apocalypse” (midnight) and the “contemporary idiom of nuclear explosion” (countdown to zero). It is administered by the Bulletin’s {{LNK|Board of Directors|}} in association with its {{LNK|Board of Sponsors|}}, which includes no less than 18 Nobel Laureates. It has become a universal recognized indicator of “the world’s vulnerability to catastrophe" from the use of nuclear technology, the perpetuation and increase of our greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental-unfriendly scientific innovations.

Historically, the clock has oscillated between 2 minutes - in 1953 - and 17 minutes to midnight in 1991 since its creation, as indicated on its {{LNK|Timeline|}}. Its most recent shift, from 6 to 5 minutes closer to midnight in January 2012 – {{LNK|see press release|}} - is mostly due to our alarming failure to get rid of both nuclear weapons and power, and our dramatic incapacity to reduce our contribution to global warming.

Metaphorically, this clock is a powerful reminder of how hurtful the world’s big policies have been to our planet, and a way to raise wide consciousness about how concerned each one has to feel towards the emergency of our situation.

Will we be able to turn back the hands of the Doomsday clock before it’s too late?

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