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La Soif du Monde - The World's Thirst, Yann Arthus Bertrand

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#Eau #Environnement
Do you remember « Home », a documentary movie produced by Yann Arthus Bertrand in 2009, showing us exclusive pictures taken from the sky of more than 50 countries? Do you also remember the message the author was sending?

For those who may have missed it, the movie was a warning about the outstanding exploitation of planetary natural resources humanity has been responsible for, until disrupting the balance of a 4 million years evolution, in just a few decades… Leaving us with about 10 years to react.

After his masterpiece {{LNK|Home|http://www.homethemovie.org/}}, Yann Arthus Bertrand comes back with {{LNK|"La Soif du Monde"|http://vimeo.com/37602481}} - literally “The World’s Thirst” - which is more concretely focused on providing an assessment of water supply throughout the world, with a touch of hope: there is enough water for all - and yet a grim reality to face, as water is more and more polluted and causing the death of millions each year.

The movie illustrates the intense struggle for stopping the curse in the 21st century, and explores different parts of the planet for solutions throughout various encounters with men and women from more than ten different countries.

Will we be able to reinvent a worldwide sustainable system based on equal access to clean water for all?

If we must, do not miss La Soif du Monde, in prime time diffusion on French channel {{LNK|France 2|http://www.france2.fr}} on Tuesday, March 20th at 8.35pm CET, on the occasion of the {{LNK|6th World Water Forum|http://www.worldwaterforum6.org/en/}}.

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