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Greenwashing: Manipulative Lie Vs. Naive Communication

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Greenwashing is “the process by which organizations spread misleading perception about their products or services that suggests they are more environmentally responsible than is the reality.”

What exactly is the truth, about these so-called Greenwashed products?

On the one hand, {{LNK|Greenwashing|}} could be considered as a deliberate and shameful "conspiracy" against customers’ good faith, a betrayal of stakeholders’ trust, a manipulative lie that would make consumers spend more, and feel positive about their environmental impact at the same time… while the unique purpose they serve is in fact that of big corps benefits, full stop.

On the other hand, let’s give these organizations the benefit of the doubt, and without trying to be the devil’s lawyer, consider that one question that legitimately comes to mind, as raised by {{LNK|Park Howell|}} in his {{LNK|blog|}}:

“Are the companies accused of greenwashing doing it on purpose, or do they just NOT know how to communicate the real environmental impact of their products overselling their “greenness”?

In other words, shall we condemn them all, are some of them more guilty than others, and who would that be? While I do not provide any answer to this, I thought I'd share this infographic to shed some light on the question.

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