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As part of growing our collection on we create special collections around champions such as Ray Anderson and Rachel Carson; events ranging from Ceres 2011 to Ethical Sourcing Forum; and issues like climate change and high risk energy alternatives. We have added one around conflict-free minerals.

Yesterday we created the start of a special collection around an issue that hopefully we can work together to end- conflict minerals and the Congo. Attention was sparked by a video, Kony 2012, that has set a record with 71.2M views as of this morning. In addition to this video there is an interview with Tim Mohin of AMD by 3BL Media at the Ethical Sourcing Forum and several informative videos from Raise Hope and Jewish World Watch. Visit the collection here on EarthSayers at

The purpose of this collection is to bring to the fore the organizations and leaders who have been working to end the conflict and save lives be they supply chain experts, celebrities, citizens, or activists. A video, Establishing a Conflict-free Supply Chain, we were not able to add at the moment is on the Intel site,

Related to this issue is the special collection on the 2011 Ethical Sourcing Forum on EarthSayers here ( Their next conference is March 29-30, 2012 in New York City.(

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