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Wizness Update: Public Pages

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Hi Wizness Members!

New features are coming out of the box tonight and we’re excited to have your feedback!

We have opened some Wizness pages to public so they are available outside the network and searchable on Google and other search engines. Don’t panic, we are very concerned with privacy settings and you are all able to manage your privacy settings the way you want to.

1/ Personal Profiles

The first pages to be made public are your personal profiles, which look like this:

If you want your personal profile to be available to Wizness members only, you can customize your Privacy Settings on your Profile Page.
However, if you do want to promote your Sustainability activity elsewhere (on your blog for instance), we created a “Wizness button” that you can embed on your websites, to let people find you on Wizness! This button is available on your Profile.

2/ Corporate Profiles

The second pages to be made public are the organizations’ profiles pages. By default, all companies & communities have public versions of their profiles and have the option to make them private or not in their Administration section.

3/ News Pages

News tagged as “public” on Wizness also have a public version available for non Wizness members. All organizations’ private news remain of course private and not available outside of the network. Public news also contain sharing buttons so that they are sharable on other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc).

We really hope these features will help you enhance your activity on Wizness and we look forward to seeing you enjoying them.

The Wizness Team

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