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Acre White Paper - The Evolution of the Energy Manager: From Boiler Room to Board Room

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Acre’s white paper highlights the commercial returns that can be achieved by investing in the latest energy management skills.

The new white paper from Acre Resources, the specialist environment and sustainability recruitment firm, looks at the profoundly changing role and skill-set of the Energy Manager. This position is evolving into someone who is comfortable in the board room as well as the boiler room, with technical and commercial knowledge – and the increasing ability to impact on margins and revenues.

Commentary from high-profile industry experts from BT, Marks and Spencer, Siemens and Johnson Controls:

Written by Jim Woods, Non-Executive Director at Acre Resources, and with expert contributions from: Mervyn Bowden (Head of Energy Management, Marks & Spencer); Richard Tarboton (Director of Energy and Carbon, BT); Stephen Barker (Head of Energy Efficiency, Siemens Industry Sector UK); and Trevor Seddon (Director of Energy Consulting, Johnson Controls) – the paper looks at how companies in a stagnant economy are increasingly turning to efficiency as a way to increase profit – impacting the scope and function of their energy teams.

BT case study: a team that delivered a £35m gross energy reduction over the first two years of their programme:

Included in the paper is a case study of BT, whose energy team delivered a £35m gross energy reduction over the first two years of their programme since hiring a Director for Energy and Carbon (Richard Tarboton, placed by Acre Resources) in 2008. BT estimate that they could save £60m in 5-10 years, and that its energy management advances could generate a new revenue stream for the company in third-party energy management services - a market estimated to be worth £6bn in the UK.

Download the attached file: The Evolution of the Energy Manager.pdf

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