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Social Media & Sustainability: What's Coming Next?

This thought-piece has been published in the SMI Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index.

The convergence of social media use in business and the rising importance of sustainability within corporate strategy provide numerous opportunities and challenges for both firms and their stakeholders.

Companies are now faced with an increasingly complex set of issues that require more expertise and cross-supplier collaboration. With complicated supply chains that include vendors scattered across the globe, it only takes one wayward supplier to create a massive public relations headache for a company. They must be proactive and fully engage all stakeholders on a wide range of issues, and bring their peers together as well to share information and best-practices across industries.

At the same time, stakeholders expect corporations to provide a more relevant engagement and high level of transparency on their business practices, operations, and supply chains. Adding to this complexity, these stakeholders, from suppliers to customers, are most of the time scattered across the globe.

Stakeholders, companies and Sustainability practitioners all could benefit from a tool that allows for rapid communication and collaboration within and outside their organizations.

A Sustainability Network, Enablon’s advanced sustainability platform, came to fruition on the understanding and realization that solving many of the most difficult sustainability challenges requires a level of collaboration and engagement well beyond traditional business practices. At the crossroads of trends that are transforming business today - Sustainability, Cloud-based services and Social Media – Wizness provides Sustainability professionals with the resources necessary to improve their companies’ environmental, social and financial performance.

First developed so that Enablon’s employees and customers could quickly communicate and share “wise business” and innovative ideas across the globe, Wizness has been opened to all Sustainability professionals and companies after it was launched at the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) Conference in San Francisco in November. Not only does the platform facilitate collaboration and quick sharing of ideas and innovation, it also allows a deeper and more interactive stakeholders’ dialogue. Individuals have access to sustainability thought leaders and can follow organizations’ environmental and social performance, while companies can dialogue with industry-peers and control their communication and image in a way that is not possible on social media sites.

Nowadays, corporations require the ability to control who can see their information, much of which is highly sensitive. For now, such technology is either relegated to internal communications on intranets or is opened on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. By allowing a highly granular degree of communication within their respective private areas, companies on Wizness share even more information in an arena where they know their ideas are safe and can gain constructive feedback. At the same time, they have access to accurate and audited data as well as the latest ideas and best practices from their peers.

Upon creating a corporate area that allows them to showcase their Sustainability updates, news, events, documents or good-practices, they can choose and have a full control over how and who they exchange their successes and challenges with. A vice president of supply chain management, for example, can select to share best practices with his counterparts at other companies; express his or her setbacks and goals with suppliers and partners; and announce successes and milestones with peers and investors.

The seamless design of Wizness and its collaborative tools provide a platform that everyone in an organization, from the CEO to the newest hire, can leverage while working together on issues from workplace safety to greenhouse gas emissions monitoring. The ability to disclose carefully what is private (such as a compliance challenge) and public (the latest greenhouse gas emission reductions) allows sustainability officers, their organizations, and their stakeholders to reach their common goals: a triple bottom line that balances profit, people, and the planet. With the demand for action on climate change, human rights, and a more transparency, Wizness helps Sustainability professionals confront their everyday challenges by providing a safe and controlled environment for the sharing of ideas.

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