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Wizness Update: New Tagging System

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Hi Wizness Members!

How are you? Hope this new year started well!

On our side, we’re glad to introduce you to Wizness’s new Tagging System, that is replacing the old themes fractal one.

The old fractal used to organize and filter Wizness’s content according to non-dynamic Sustainability themes. These themes couldn’t be changed or customized by members and were pre-created in the Wizness system.

From now on, when adding content or publishing updates, you’ll be able to add and create your own tags by using the # symbol. These tags can easily be identified with the blue color and enable advanced filtering options on both Sustainability topics and company names.

Clicking on a tag will filter the content you are consulting according to the selected topic or company name. For instance, you will get access to all the news tackling the topic “waste”.

Of course, notifications can also be filtered directly on your home page and it represents the most interesting way to get an overview of all the content published on Wizness about a particular topic or company.

Don’t hesitate to send us any feedback you may have on this new system. We look forward to seeing you using it!

The Wizness Team

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