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Walmart is Greener than you think!

An overview of the giant's Sustainability Programs.

Despite what a lot of people can think, Walmart has made a significant effort towards sustainability by setting “simple” and “straightforward” goals such as:

• To be supplied 100 percent by renewable energy
• To create zero waste
• To sell products that sustain people and the environment

(Discover Walmart’s Sustainabilty Program: {{LNK||}})

Via the domestic implementation and expansion to its international stores, of the Personal Sustainability Projects Program, Walmart has introduced the basics of sustainability to its employees, and influenced its suppliers and vendors to conform to such standards. PSPs include making healthier food choices, volunteering in the community, recycling and using environmentally friendly products at home. (To find out more about the expansion of Walmart’s Sustainability programs, see article: {{LNK||}}).

If financial savings remain the main tactic, as stated by Triple Pundit, there seems to have been a real “awakening of consciousness”, as former CEO Lee Scott says, sustainability represents “the greatest opportunity for the next generation.” (Read full article: {{LNK||}})

Take a look at the intro to a 90 minutes video about Walmart going green…

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