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Enablon Launches Wizness - the World's First Online Network for Sustainability Performance

Chicago/San Francisco/Paris, Nov. 2, 2011 - Enablon, one of the world’s leading Sustainability Management software providers, today announced the launch of Wizness, the ‘Wise Business” online platform that allows people and organizations to work together to solve sustainability business challenges. In development for two years, Wizness has been in private beta for the last three months and is officially open to the public at the BSR Conference in San Francisco today.

Wizness already comprises more than 250 member companies, news and content from the world’s best sustainability sources, discussion groups on topics ranging from supply chain management, energy, carbon and water usage to ethical business data, global rankings and much more. The concept of Wizness was built on Enablon’s 10 year history working with some of the world’s largest corporations. It came to fruition on the understanding and realization that to solve many of the most difficult sustainability challenges requires a level of collaboration and engagement well beyond traditional business practices.

"Sustainability specialists or other business leaders with sustainability-related expectations and responsibilities need to monitor a wide spectrum of information sources and outlets as part of sustainable messaging, risk management and communications. Companies can and should exploit emerging best practice and supplier exchange performance platforms to manage risk and sustainable investment, and networks to communicate leadership and manage aspects of their corporate sustainability public profile," said Stephen Stokes, research vice president and distinguished analyst, Gartner.

"Wizness offers a platform for sustainability professionals to harness the creative and community building power of social media that can help build smarter businesses," said Matthew Yeomans, co-founder, Social Media Influence.

According to Carmel Giblin, general manager of Sedex, a membership organization dedicated to driving improvement in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains, "Enabling access to important and useful information for all involved in improving standards within global supply chains is a real challenge. We have been part of the Wizness private beta and have very quickly built our community numbers. We are now planning ways to more effectively use Wizness to reach our 23,000+ supplier members and other important stakeholders around the world."

Wizness is at the crossroads of trends that are transforming business today: Sustainability, Cloud-based Services and Social Media. The convergence of social media use in business and the rising importance of sustainability within corporate strategy provide numerous benefits and challenges: stakeholders expect corporations to provide a high level of transparency and more relevant engagement, while companies are faced with an increasingly complex set of issues that require more expertise and cross-supplier collaboration.

Enter Wizness, a platform that brings together people and businesses to engage at every level, share best practices and collaborate to make global business more sustainable.

"Enablon's mission is to enable the sustainable company by providing technology, content and services that make organizations more sustainable. Enablon has become one of the leading sustainability software providers and we now work with more than 300 global companies worldwide," said Dan Vogel, Enablon co-founder and group CEO. "These organizations have been clamoring for solutions that allow them to collaborate beyond their corporate boundaries and have been instrumental in helping us to create Wizness."

Wizness features intuitive services that help sustainability professionals promote their expertise and share best practices, allows companies to engage in meaningful conversations with their stakeholders in private and public communities, and enables industries to gather together to solve the most pressing compliance issues and shape the sustainability agenda.

"In a world where Sustainability challenges are increasingly complex and interconnected, Wizness brings organizations and people together, whether they are competitors or partners, customers or investors, to share information and collaborate for the greater good. We believe Wizness will be an important step toward a wiser business environment where collaboration, cooperation and engagement will lead to more responsible, robust and profitable companies," said Philippe Tesler, Enablon co-founder and president, North America.

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