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SAI Social Fingerprint Course: Building Your Internal Performance Team

Improving labor standards and working conditions requires a group of committed, trained people leading the effort to build a strong internal social performance team. Social Accountability International's latest Social FingerprintĀ® training course, "Building Your Internal Social Performance Team" provides participants with the tools and training needed to get it done. From team selection, to training, to empowering -- the course provides the knowledge and skills needed to lead positive change.

SAI Social Fingerprint course: "Building Your Internal Social Performance Team"

This new course helps companies learn how to build the team and improve labor standards and working conditions in their company and their supply chain.

"Social FingerprintĀ® takes a unique 'measure and improve' approach. It breaks the idea of management systems into nine component parts, which makes it easier to define the path to improvement and break the journey into manageable steps," said Craig Moss, SAI's Director of Corporate Programs and Training. "Having a strong Internal Social Performance Team is critical to driving any sustainable improvement in labor and working conditions. The team includes members from several functional areas in the company, as well as worker representation. It's a great way to improve worker-manager communication channels."

During the course, SAI's Director of Field Services, Doug DeRuisseau, provides stories from the field to illustrate some of the challenges often faced, and how to overcome them while staying focused on the goals. The course also integrates the latest team building and change management techniques. SAI has partnered with the Rapid Results Institute to incorporate its proven 'Rapid Results Approach' to help leaders begin to make improvements in their company's labor conditions, using 100-day Rapid Results Initiatives.

All course participants receive a 7-step guide that includes tools and forms to take immediate action. Participants that earn a passing score on the final test will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion. This course is also a first step in a learning path towards developing you as a qualified Team Leader. To register for the course visit:

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