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SAI Newsletter - September 2011

SAI's newsletter is a monthly online publication, covering the latest news from SAI including CSR and supply chain management insight from the field, SAI program updates from around the world, Social Fingerprint®, SA8000® certification statistics, upcoming events and training seminars, job opportunities, and more. The newsletter aims to provide readers with a glimpse into the impact of our mission, and its multi-stakeholder approach to achieving decent workplaces around the world.

SAI Newsletter - September 2011

-SA8000® Approved by Dutch Sustainable Public Procurement
SA8000® will be integrated into the social criteria for public procurement

-Project Cultivar: Final Report on Impact Released
In the challenging agricultural sector, Project Cultivar establishes a system for continuous improvement on the farm

-"Gender Equality is Smart Economics"- SAI & UN Women to Develop UN Gender Equality Seal
This new partnership will establish a strategy and implementation plan for the UN Gender Equality Seal (GES) as an auditable standard

-SAI India Update: 'Training of Trainers' in Gurgaon
After a rigorous selection process for local trainers, the 'Training of trainers' classroom sessions begins in Gurgaon

-SAI President Speaks on Human Rights in the Supply Chain
Hosted by Forética in Madrid, Alice Tepper Marlin Leads Presentation and Master Class on Human Rights in the Supply Chain

-Social Compliance: Moving from the Stick to the Carrot
At the ISSP Conference 2011 Craig Moss led a presentation titled: Social Fingerprint® - Practical tools to improve social performance

-DNV India Hosts SA8000® Foundation Course
On September 15, 2011 DNV India conducted a 1-day Foundation Course on SA8000® in Bangalore

-Highlights and Annoucements
Snapshot from Basic SA8000® Course in New Delhi- Tchibo Receives Gold Award - Sustainable Retail Business 2011 - ISEAL Alliance 2010 Report - "Eileen Fisher: Socially Responsible Designer" - Brands Ethics Work Group in India - Tirupur Stakeholders' Forum

Download the attached file: SAINewsletterSeptember2011.pdf

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