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Sustainability Software Leader Enablon Endorses 2°C Challenge Communiqué on Climate Change

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The Communiqué calls for governments to break the deadlock in the international climate change negotiations and take action

Enablon, the world’s leading provider of sustainability management software, announced its support of the 2°C Challenge Communiqué issued by leaders of more than 240 companies from around the world. The communiqué outlines the necessary steps for governments to adopt national policies and measures on climate change to drive action, contribute to build a global framework and progress towards a low carbon-emission economy.

The Communiqué, launched by The Prince of Wales’s Foundation Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change ahead of the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference 2011 in Durban (COP17), calls on governments to “break the deadlock in the international climate change negotiations and take the necessary action at a national level.” The document follows the Cancun Communiqué published in 2010.

“At Enablon, our business is to work with global organizations across all industries to help them on the path toward sustainability. In all of our endeavors that is our priority. As such, we support the notion that strong national policies on climate change will help guide corporations to operate more responsibly and become more transparent with their business.” said Dan Vogel, CEO of Enablon.

The declaration maintains support for a "robust, equitable and effective UN agreement on climate change” at the Durban summit and calls upon governments to “undertake a variety of actions, recognizing their responsibility for climate change and respective capabilities to respond.” It calls for:

1. Greater International collaboration to galvanize global agreement on climate change at Durban, put in place key international institutions and enter into bilateral and multilateral agreements to tackle climate change issues.

2. Effective market mechanisms: governments to adopt their own market solutions to meet climate goals, including tools to help create an effective price signal.

3. Innovation incentives: Increase from two to five times current government funding for research, development and deployment in low-carbon technologies to achieve a 50 percent reduction in global CO2 emissions by 2050.

4. Prioritizing energy and resource efficiency for cost-effective GHG emissions reductions by restructuring policies to address the efficiency opportunities in the built environment, transport, energy, ICT and electronics sectors.

Enablon supports the global initiative and endorses it with all the more the conviction that sustainability is at the center of the company’s corporate mission: enabling the sustainable company. More than 300 global companies and 200,000 users worldwide use Enablon solutions to improve the reporting and management of their environmental and social performance, control their risks and reduce costs.

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