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7 Action Steps for Manufacturers and Suppliers to Climb Up the Sustainability Ladder

This morning, the blog ValueStreaming, specialized in Sustainable Supply Chain issues, published an informative article on how to climb the Sustainability Ladder in the Supply Chain. This blog is written by Dave Meyer, from Sustainable Economic & Environmental Development Solutions (SEEDS) Global Alliance, whose focus has been to help organizations achieve environmental sustainability program excellence.

In this last post, Dave presents the {{LNK|OECD Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit|,3746,en_21571361_47075996_47076535_1_1_1_1,00.html}} and the main practical tips the OECD Portal can provide us with. For "manufacturers in particular", the portal gives 7 action steps to sustainable manufacturing following the "Plan- Do-Check-Act" principle:

1. Map your impact and set priorities
2. Select useful performance indicators
3. Measure the inputs used in production
4. Assess operations of your facility
5. Evaluate your products
6. Understand measured results
7. Take action to improve performance

{{LNK|You can read the entire article here!|}}

What is your own process to manage Sustainability within your Supply Chain?

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