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Environment Analyst: Energy and Carbon Software Market to Grow 300%

Environment Analyst, February 14, 2011



The global market for carbon and energy accounting software is set to grow by 300% in 2011 and by 600% in 2012, according to newly-published research.

The three most significant factors behind current rapid expansion in demand for enterprise energy and carbon accounting (ECCA) software solutions are supply chain requests for carbon/energy data, reputation management, and the potential to achieve cost savings through reduced energy consumption, concludes 2011 Enterprise Energy and Carbon Accounting Software Market: A buyers guide, produced by US consultancy Groom Energy Solutions and GreenBiz.

Speaking with Environment Analyst, the report's author, Paul Baier, emphasised the impact that supply chain pressure has been having, prompting many companies to invest in software in order to ensure they are able to generate the high-quality carbon emission and energy use data requested by their key customers. (…)

The report concludes that about 200 purchases of ECCA software were made in 2010 by large organisations, a huge increase on the 50 purchases recorded for 2009. A 300% increase, to 600 purchases, is forecast for this year, with 1,500 expected in 2012. Seventy-five individual vendors of ECCA software are identified in the report, with profiles of twenty provided (…). Ten vendors are picked out as leaders in the ECCA field, [including] Enablon.

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