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Wizness Update: New Community Design & Document Library

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The Wizness team is pleased to present to you two new features now available on Wizness: a new Community design and a Document Library. The new community design is more ergonomic and provides a Community Wall. The Document Library enables members to upload and store any kind of documents within the community.

The new Community has a more good-looking and ergonomic design and is very easy to navigate in. The Community portal is based on a new Community Wall, where Community Managers share links and documents with their members. Also, this wall keeps you up-to-date with the community activity by providing you with notifications about new memberships and content created by other community members.

Community members still have access to the regular Wizness features (i.e…The Forum, News and Events) but users can also benefit from a new integral utility called Documents. As previously mentioned, users now have the ability to upload all types of documents ((Word, Excel, PDFs, images, videos etc…) related to the Community topics, and store it in a dedicated area: the Document library. Documents submissions, like news, are subject to Community Manager(s) approvals.

Wizness users who are not yet community members have now the ability to access the Community Portal and read public content and notifications. A new Community Profile Page will keep them informed of the organization’s key information and community membership rules.

Want to take a look? Don’t hesitate to visit {{LNK|The Sedex Community|}} and to send us your feedback via the "Feedback Button"!

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