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Managing Human Rights in European-based Companies

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#Corporate Governance
The European Commission conducted a new study related to Sustainable Supply Chains, with a special focus on 5 Human Rights issues: child labor, freedom of association & collective bargaining, adequate standard of living, unfair price levels and biodiversity. The aim of this study is to “look at responsible supply chain management in practice by European Companies” on 3 industrial sectors particularly important to the European Union: cotton, sugar from sugar cane and mobile phones.

The report is available for you to download at the end of this news. Inside, you’ll learn the following main recommendations from the {{LNK|European Union|}}:

• Increase supply chain transparency
• Strengthen responsible supply chain management in the current revision of the OECD’s Guidelines for multinational enterprises
• Enhance access to remedy for victims of supply chain abuse
• Address inter-state competition in relation to labor rights
• Ensure due diligence in relation to high-risk sectors/companies
• Promote responsible supply chain management through public procurement

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Download the attached file: FINAL_RSCM_report-11-03-22[1].pdf

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