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What Your Supply Chain Can Learn From Starbucks

I’d like to share with you an interesting story published on the Sourcing Innovation blog, the online resource for “sourcing, procurement, and supply chain professionals”. Inspired by Tony Schwartz’s recent article in the Harvard Business Review, the author highlights 7 key lessons one could learn from Starbucks when managing Sustainable Supply Chains.

Here are the first 3 lessons:

1. The supply management organization must see itself as part of a larger company.
2. The supply management organization must balance cost reduction with social responsibility.
3. The supply management organization must create an atmosphere of collaboration.

To discover the other 4 lessons and learn how Starbucks established itself as a leader in the world of responsible supply chains, {{LNK|read the entire post here|}}.

On their {{LNK|Corporate Responsibility website|}}, Starbucks gives more details regarding their “Suppliers Diversity”: “Our commitment to diversity reaches beyond Starbucks to the extended network of suppliers we work with. By actively seeking out women- and minority-owned businesses to purchase from, we help build prosperity and community in diverse neighborhoods. We believe our Supplier Diversity Program has been a great success and we’re happy to report the amount of business we do with Diverse Suppliers grows every year.”

As an example, this video explains how Starbucks Suppliers Management contributes to the fight against climate change:

You can read more about Starbucks’s Sustainability strategy on HBR: {{LNK|Learn why Tony Schwartz appreciates Starbucks|}} and on Elaine Cohen’s blog {{LNK|Starbucks Sustainability Reporting Challenges|}}

What about you? What do you appreciate (or don’t appreciate) about Starbucks’s Corporate Responsibility strategy?

Download the attached file: Starbucks 2010 Report Summary.pdf

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