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Pepsi Refresh Project Opens 2011 Voting Season

Do you know about the Pepsi Refresh Project? This sustainability initiative launched by the soda giant Pepsi enables people to promote and fund one of their own ideas in three categories: Art & Music, Education or Communities. Visitors can vote for their favorite idea on the Refresh Everything website, and the one who receives the highest number of votes wins a Pepsi grant between $5k and $50k! The 2011 voting season will open on May 1st, so don’t hesitate to start “Refreshing the World”!

Join the fun: {{LNK|Let’s go refresh the world!|}}

Success stories of the 2010 best projects are shared below:

• {{LNK|Documenting the United States of Autism|}}: “One of every 100 children in the U.S. have autism disorders. Still, the average American doesn’t know what it’s like to raise an autistic child. To raise awareness about these families’ experiences, The Tommy Foundation, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, will spend the summer filming, “The United States of Autism“, a full length autism documentary funded by a $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant…”

• {{LNK|Filling the Library Shelves in Mankato Minnesota|}}: Schools across the country are reeling from the recession and Hilltop is no exception. But the library is, says Quiram, “An integral part of our school. We wanted to get some books in there that would really make our kids lifelong learners.” Quiram had appealed to the community to donate funds; an effort that netted Hilltop a respectable $2500 toward new acquisitions. But after hearing about Refresh, Quiram decided to go for it, realizing a win could fund the purchase of new books for the library. It took several attempts, but in March, Hilltop was awarded a $5000 Pepsi Refresh Grant.

• {{LNK|Putting a Lid on the Local Greenhouse|}}:Waukegan, Illinois is about to become a hotbed of ecological learning thanks to a project at the northern Chicago suburb’s fine arts elementary school, Andrew Cooke Magnet. The “Replace Our School’s Greenhouse Roof” project submitted by 17-year veteran second-grade teacher, Julie Ahern, finished in the top 10 of March Pepsi Refresh Project voting, earning a $5,000 grant.

“Each month, Pepsi is giving away more than $1 million to 60 ideas that move communities forward." Why not to yours?

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