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H&M: Leader of Sustainable Fashion?

H&M, the giant fashion retailer, published its 2010 Sustainability report few days ago. This is the occasion to evaluate H&M’s environmental and social impact, to measure improvements toward Sustainability and to present its new environmental friendly collection: The Conscious Collection, made from “environmentally - adapted and greener materials such as organic cotton, Tencel® and recycled polyester”.

H&M’s commitment towards sustainable fashion and materials {{LNK|is not new|}} but made significant progress last year:

• H&M announced their “target for all their cotton to come from sustainable sources by 2020. This includes organic cotton, recycled cotton and better cotton harvested through the {{LNK|Better Cotton Initiative|}}, in which H&M is an active member together with other retailers and organizations such as {{LNK|WWF|}}.”
• H&M used “more organic cotton than ever before in their products – more than 15,000 tons. This is an increase of 77 percent compared to 2009 and it makes H&M one of the largest users of organic cotton in the world”.
• “In 2010, H&M together with {{LNK|Levi Strauss & Co.|}} announced a global ban on sandblasting, a technique used to give garments a used or worn-out look. Without appropriate protection, the use of this technique can impose health risks on workers.” (For more insights on H&M Sustainability strategy and results, don’t hesitate to download the 2010 Sustainability report at the end of this news).

But with the launch of the first {{LNK|Conscious Collection|}}, the Swedish brand is definitely making a step forward to {{LNK|meet sustainable fashion challenges|}}. Watch this video to get more info on this green collection:

By reconciling fashion and sustainability, at an affordable price and with a trendy design, H&M enters the sustainable fashion world and now compete with {{LNK|more “traditional” sustainable fashion brands|}}.

As far as I know, H&M is the first well-know fashion retailer to create an entire collection of green and trendy clothes for young women. The company also promotes a {{LNK|Fashion Againts AIDS Collection|}}, dedicated to HIV/AIDS prevention. Do you think it is enough to stand out as a leader of sustainable fashion?

Download the attached file: CSR_REPORT2010_PDF_1302846254219.pdf

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