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A Transparent Solar Panel

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Today, we are celebrating Earth Day. For that occasion, I’d like to share with you the latest green innovation that, in my view, is one of the most promising. A small French company, Wysips, has created the first and unique transparent solar panel. Dedicated to recharge your mobile phones, this 1$ film can generate power for about 30 minutes of call in just one hour of sunlight exposition.

Watch the following video to understand how it works!

The big hope behind this revolutionary technology is, of course, to integrate it into “e-books, tablets аnd advertising panels аnd even οn boats οr cars” explains the inventor Ludovic Deblois in {{LNK|Solar Power|}}.

Interested in solar power in general? Don’t hesitate to get more info on {{LNK|Wysips’s blog|}} and to attend {{LNK|The National Solar Conference|}} in the US.

By the way, any idea on what “Wysips” stand for?

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