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Stakeholders Want Sustainable Supply Chains

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#Supply Chain Management
The Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) is a Canadian non-profit which produces “authoritative resources on important sustainability issues, with the goal of changing management practice”. As the need for responsible and responsive supply chain is now becoming mainstream, NBS dedicated its latest report to “Managing Sustainable Global Supply Chains”. Here are some of the main findings and best practices you can learn from their research.

Stakeholders want Sustainable Supply Chains

The following figure shows “the source of pressure on firms to address social and environmental issues” in their supply chains. We can see that consumers are the first group of stakeholders that pressures companies to implement sustainable practices in their supply chains, before government or the general public.

Developing Sustainable Global Supply Chains in Three Steps

{{LNK|NBS|}} provides readers with a framework of core steps and best practices to implement in order to “develop new supply chains or improve existing ones”:

1. Identify motivators, and consider the big picture: “What is motivating change in your business? Why should you care?”
2. Assess levers that will increase of odds of success
3. Improve your practices that will help you achieve your desired outcome
The research also identifies 5 C’s motivators: Customers, Compliance, Costs, Competitive Advantage and Conscience, complemented by 7P’s levers: Purpose, Policy, People, Peers, Partners, Public policy and Power.

I invite you all to download NBS’s report {{LNK|here|}} or at the end of this news to get more details on the general framework and the Unilever business-case provided as an informative example.
You can also check the latest Wizness news or forum topic on the subject : {{LNK|Feedback from the Sustainable Purchasing & Supply Summit|}} and {{LNK|Who uses BS 8903 Standard ?|}}

Have you company already implemented a sustainable supply chain program? What kind of levers did it use? Thanks for sharing your best practices!

Download the attached file: Supply-Chain-Report.pdf

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