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Top 10 CSR & Sustainability Blogs

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If you are looking for an in dept analysis of the sustainability world, the CSR blogosphere is a gold mine of information. Hundreds of blogs are updated every day and give experts’ insights on ethics, stakeholders’ engagement, sustainability reporting and much more. To save time and quickly identify the most important of these blogs, I am sharing below the list of the top 10 CSR blogs that I think you shouldn’t miss.

1. {{LNK|David Coethica|http://davidcoethica.wordpress.com/}}: written by David Connor, who founded the British CSR Consultancy {{LNK|Coethica|http://www.coethica.com/}}.

2. {{LNK|Fabian Pattberg’s blog|http://www.fabianpattberg.com/}}: Fabian has worked for Futerra and AccountAbility and writes for The Guardian Sustainable Business Section. His blog is very insightful and even contains a {{LNK|Social Media|http://www.fabianpattberg.com/category/social-media/}} category.

3. {{LNK|In Good Company|http://www.vault.com/wps/portal/usa/blogs/entry-list/?blog_id=1462&search_result_id=1462&page_type=blogs}}: written by Aman Singh Das, Corporate Responsibility Editor at {{LNK|Vault.com|http://www.vault.com/}}. Aman’s blog particularly focuses on recruitment, CSR Education, careers management and green jobs!

4. {{LNK|Wayne Visser|http://waynevisser.blogspot.com/}}: the official blog of Wayne Visser, writer of a dozen books related to CSR, such as {{LNK|The Age of Responsibility|http://www.waynevisser.com/books.htm}}. Wayne also manages the {{LNK|CSR International|http://csrinternational.blogspot.com/}} blog.

5. {{LNK|CSR Reporting|http://csr-reporting.blogspot.com/}}: written by Elaine Cohen, a CSR consultant who loves reading sustainability reports. Always funny and instructive, Elaine also manages 2 other blogs: {{LNK|CSR for RH|http://www.csrforhr.com/}} and {{LNK|CSR-Books|http://www.csr-books.com/}}.

6. {{LNK|Marc Gunther’s blog|http://www.marcgunther.com/}}: journalist and editor for FORTUNE Magazine, Marc is also a “lively speaker and talented moderator” who is often invited to moderate or speak during international events.

7. {{LNK|Tom Raftery's Social Sustainability|http://tomraftery.com/2011/01/31/social-sustainability-and-the-importance-of-sharing/}}: Tom recently re-branded his blog about social media and sustainability. A must read!

8. {{LNK|Crane & Matten|http://craneandmatten.blogspot.com/}}: the blog of Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten, two business school professors from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. They particularly focus on ethics in the business world.

9. {{LNK|CSRWorks|http://csrworks.blogspot.com/}}: written by Rajesh Chhabara, Asia editor for {{LNK|Ethical Corporation|http://www.ethicalcorp.com/}} Magazine. Rajesh often analyses the evolution of CSR in Asia, in live from Singapore!

10. {{LNK|Reflections on Ethical Business|http://ethicalcorp.blogspot.com/}}: written by Toby Webb, founder of {{LNK|Ethical Corporation|http://www.ethicalcorp.com/}} Magazine previously mentioned.

Do you also write a blog related to Sustainability? Don’t hesitate to add it to the list!

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