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Feedback from the Sustainable Purchasing & Supply Summit

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#Supply Chain Management
Last Thursday, I attended the Sustainable Purchasing & Supply Summit organized by The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in London. Dedicating to “exploring the development of a more holistic approach to sustainable procurement and supply chain strategies”, the event gathered about 20 of the industry’s leading thinkers and companies such as Traidcraft, Action Sustainability and Ovum, among others. You will find below my insight about the interventions and the main examples that caught my attention during the day.

• The {{LNK|Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS)|}}, the conference organizer, is a gold mine of information if you’re interested in sustainable supply chain management. It publishes a monthly magazine called {{LNK|Supply Management Magazine|}} and provides a lot of {{LNK|informative training|}}. You can also benchmark your responsible purchasing strategy with the {{LNK|Sustainable Procurement Review|}} that the institute created with LRS.

• William Jordan, the Chief Sustainability Officer of the {{LNK|Cabinet Office Efficiency & Reform Group|}} gave his insight on how sustainability is managed within a governmental organization. The good news is that “sustainability became business as usual across the government estate and its supply chain”. As Mr. Jordan explained, governments now must “lead by example” regarding sustainability issues.

• Marc Ryce, from {{LNK|John Lewis Partnership|}} then presented how his company was dealing with sustainable procurement. As a visionary business, John Lewis Partnership is “dedicated to serving customers with flair and fairness”. Their relationships with their suppliers are based on these {{LNK|same values|}} and their sustainable procurement strategy is based on these 3 key factors: Influence, Listening and Support.

• The {{LNK|British Standards Institution (BSI)|}} has published a new standard about procuring sustainably: the {{LNK|BS8903|}}. This practical guidance, full of best practices, has a supportive guide book written by Cathy Berry, that you can buy {{LNK|here|}}.

• Finally, below are some additional powerful quotes that I think are worth sharing and remembering:

o “Purchasers have the opportunity to influence”, Will Day, from {{LNK|TraidCraft|}}
o“The risks exist anywhere you source from” Fiona Gooch, from the American NGO {{LNK|Vérité|}}.

If you have also attended this event, don’t hesitate to share your feedback with all of us! And if you haven’t, this event will be edited annually: so remember to reserve your place for next year!

If you’re interested in other Sustainability related events, don’t hesitate to check the {{LNK|Wizness Agenda|}}.

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