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Latest “Must Read” Sustainability Reports

There is a proverbial floodgate of sustainability and CSR related reports coming at both monthly and weekly intervals.As reading them all can become time consuming for business leaders and professionals, I tried to identify a shortlist of the latest “must read” sustainability reports published since the beginning of the year. You will find below the 4 reports that caught my attention and that I consider worth taking a look at.

• {{LNK|CDP Supply Chain Report 2011|}}: This Carbon Disclosure Project report explores “how business is managing supply chain emissions”. It highlights that “it is still early days in the quest to reduce emissions” but that “a positive snowball and domino effect in the supply chain can bring about the change needed”.

• {{LNK|Does CSR Pay Off?|}}: a good question to ask in order to prove businesses the benefits they can get from following the green path: “If it could be proven that responsibility pays off, a strong push for dissemination of good CSR practices could be expected and CSR policies that focus on voluntary instead of command and control would be encouraged.”

• {{LNK|Creating value from corporate responsibility|}}: This Price-Waterhouse-Coorper reports helps you answer one simple question: “Does your reported data get
the respect it deserves?”

• {{LNK|Sustainability: The ‘Embracers’ Seize Advantage|}}: The Boston Consulting Group identifies different business attitudes when adopting sustainability-driven management: the “embracers” and the “early adopters”…

Don’t hesitate to add to the list if you think of a paper that you like, and feel free to share your feedback on these articles with us all!

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