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“Green marketing is becoming mainstream”

“When price and quality are equal, 76% of consumers would switch brands or retailers to a company associated with a good cause”. This uplifting revelation is highlighted in Shel Horowitz’s last book dedicated to Green Marketing: Guerilla Marketing Goes Green. In an audio book review posted on CSRWire, writer Francesca Rheannon interviews Horowitz who touts himself as environmental and social activist especially in the context of marketing by providing detailed accounts of the emergence of green initiatives and communication, as well as their side effects like green washing…

During {{LNK|his interview|}}, Shel Horowitz shatters some big misconceptions about green products and gives advices to companies who want to implement green initiatives and communicate effectively about their business practices. He underscores his narrative data with numerous examples and case studies taken from {{LNK|his book|}} such as Wal-Mart or Nestlé.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that it always costs more to design and product environmentally friendly products: “There are ways in which going green costs a lot of money, but there are also ways in which going green could save you considerable amounts of money”: optimization of processes, reduction of resources, materials substitutes... According to him, it’s easy to be profitable when applying green principles because it ends up in “putting more money in companies’ pockets”.

He reminds companies committed to the green movement about the importance of telling the world what they are doing, and if necessary, to rebrand themselves in order to effectively promote their green initiatives. He also warns them about green washing and advises to exercise caution when choosing which words to use to avoid scandals related to fake green products.

To listen to his interview, get his tips on Green Marketing and discover how “doing the right thing is actually really good for business”: {{LNK|visit CSRWire website|}}.

If you’re not yet convinced that Green Marketing is becoming mainstream, don’t hesitate to check the following list of extremely informative resources on the subject:

• Portals: {{LNK|Green Marketing TV|}}, {{LNK|Sustainable Marketing|}} and the Marketing and Communication chapter of {{LNK|Greenbiz|}}.

• Blogs: {{LNK|Marketing Green|}} by David Wigder (Vice President of Business Development at RecycleBank), the blog of {{LNK|Park Howell|}} the “Sustainable Storyteller” and Jacquie Ottman’s {{LNK|Green Marketing Blog|}}.

• Books: {{LNK|The Green Marketing Manifesto|}} by John Grant and {{LNK|The New Rules of Green Marketing|}}, written by previously mentioned Jacquie Ottman.

• Twitter: Follow {{LNK|Perry Goldschein|}}, {{LNK|Robert Piller|}} and {{LNK|GR Social Marketing|}}. And of course {{LNK|Wizness|}}!

If you think of other resources that are not listed above and that are worth the detour, please add them as comments to this news!

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