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Auret van Heerden’s TED Talk: Making Global Labor Fair

Public By in Fair Labor Association
#Labor Practices

Auret van Heerden is the president and CEO of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and has been a labor activist for years. He was invited to a TED Conference to present his “practical approach to workers' rights, persuading corporations and NGOs to protect labor in global supply chains”.

From our cell phones manufactured in China, to our chocolate bars whose cocoa beans are produced in Ivory Coast and Ghana, Auret van Heerden gives an insight on how our regular consumer goods get made and highlights the ethical and social challenges that companies face when globalizing their supply chains.

“This is where global supply chains begin: bringing us our favorite brand name products!”

During his inspirational speech, Auret van Heerden raises, among others, the fundamental question of the failure of governments to tackle international challenges: “Where is the leadership from governments to step up with solutions and responses to those international problems?” he asks to his audience, illustrating his point with the upsetting example of Copenhagen Summit.

To discover why we need a different global mechanism, how to make a difference in the supply chain and give people their dignity back, watch Auret van Heerden’s talk “Making Global Labor Fair” in the following video:

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