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Commission launches €35 million call for projects that turn environmental challenges into business opportunities

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“The European Commission launched a €35 million call for eco-innovation projects to be funded under the Competitiveness and Innovation Program. Under the 2010 CIP Eco-innovation call for proposals, funds are available for new projects in the areas of:

• Materials recycling,
• Sustainable building products,
• The food and drink sector,
• Green business practices.

Applications are particularly welcome from small businesses with green products or services that need backing to penetrate markets. With a total budget of around €200 million over the period 2008-2013, CIP Eco-innovation supports the first application and further market upswing of sustainable solutions that make better use of Europe's natural resources. The call runs until 9 September 9th, 2010.”

"This call for innovative projects is a tremendous opportunity for Europe's entrepreneurial talent to showcase new ideas to reduce our ecological footprint,” said Janez Potocnik, the European Commissioner for the environment.

This call is especially addressed to small and medium sized companies which have developed green products or services but are experiencing difficulties to gain legitimate success on the market. Between 45 and 50 projects could be chosen for funding: if they are shortlisted, up to 50% of their costs could be covered by the fund.

“The projects are selected on the basis of their innovative approach, their market replication potential and their contribution to European environmental policies, especially in terms of resource efficiency. For instance: used tires into valuable insulation materials; using bamboo plantations to purify 'grey' water”.

You can find additional information or download documents about the call by following this {{LNK|link|}}

{{LNK|The European Commission’s Program for Environment|}}

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