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Wizness Update : Follow Companies Sustainability Timeline!

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Dear Wizness members,

First of all, let me present you the Wizness Team’s best wishes for 2013! We hope this year will bring you luck and success in achieving your sustainability goals and objectives…

To kick off this new era with a fresh start, and remain in the trend of innovation and change, allow us to proudly introduce the release of a new, most expected feature we have been working on for a long time : the aggregation of companies-related press coverage directly on their Wizness profiles.

For a few days now, you have been able to follow any company’s sustainability timeline from its profile - not only content a company’s been sharing, but also any item published in the media or by stakeholders mentioning it. How does it materialize?

Let’s take a look at Apple’s profile for instance. In addition to publications issued by the company itself, you can now find all articles mentioning Apple’s CSR and Sustainability performance previously or currently broadcasted by specialized international media, like Triple Pundit, ThreeHugger, 3BL Media or CSRWire.

This tool will specifically be useful to those who want to stay updated about a particular company’s sustainability agenda and taken initiatives, but also to all those who are seeking a global, transparent vision of where sustainability stands in companies policies nowadays.

This new implementation inevitably modifies the way you consume and receive news on Wizness:

1. Get only what you’re interested in: From now on you’ll only get notifications on your wall from organizations you’ve subscribed to. We therefore encourage you to follow as many companies and communities as you like.

2. Join several groups of stakeholders: you can now follow an organization from different perspectives. After all, one can very well be both a company’s “employee” and “customer”!

We also invite Sustainability Medias that would not yet be present on Wizness to join our community so that their articles can be referred to on companies’ profiles too.

We hope the Sustainability Timeline feature will please you all! Don’t hesitate to let us hear your feedback.

Excellent week-end to all,

The Wizness Team

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