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Mitigate Competency Risks

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#Risk Management
One inexperienced decision by an employee or contractor can seriously damage a well-established business. Modern subcontracting makes it difficult for core businesses to identify the competency risks hidden within composite workforces.

Wipro’s Competency Risk Management (CoRM) Managed solution offers companies an objective means of managing people risks by evaluating the competencies of employees before they are assigned to tasks. CoRM enables companies to standardize their competency model, identify gaps in key positions and core skills, define proficiency levels, and assign and monitor training. This process is carried out at the level of individual employees and takes into account the tasks to which they may be assigned.

Key Features:

• Risk Management Dashboard
• Unstructured Document Parsing
• Competency Gap Analysis
• Training Gap Analysis
• Automated Evidence Validation
• Integration with ERP and Learning
• Management System

How does CoRM helps various stakeholders?

Business Operations and Management Teams
• When the company is heading towards Mergers,

Acquisitions or Asset Retirement
• When business processes are outsourced and third party competency is crucial to certify for quality and safety of new projects

Competency and Learning Management Team
• While up skilling the staff
• When transferring or retaining the corporate knowledge to the new hires
• When regulations need to be satisfied to have competent resources onsite

Corporate Governance Teams
• When senior employees need to be promoted
• When retiring employees need to be replaced with young ones

Corporate Change Management
• When new divisions and departments emerge from a multi-brand business
• When old sub-divisions are merged into a much larger division

Human Resources
• When it is almost impossible to perform manual competency evaluations of thousands of employees
• When raising the corporate image with the most competitive workforce in the market
• When keeping the competency map all time up to date across the organization

Download the attached file: CORM.pdf

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