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Sustainability Software Provider Enablon Supports Transparent Reporting and Sustainability Management with new Certification by GRI

Chicago/Paris, July 26, 2011 – Enablon, the world's leading provider of Sustainability Management software, today announced it has received certification from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as part of the GRI Certified Software and Tools Program. The certification confirms that Enablon includes accurate content from the GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework and demonstrates Enablon’s ongoing commitment to help companies easily report on their sustainability performance according to the leading standards.

"As the world’s largest sustainability management software provider, Enablon offers global companies solutions to achieve the highest standards of sustainability performance. Working with the Global Reporting Initiative, we provide both the content and the technology that empower companies in their path to sustainability management" says Phil Tesler, CEO of Enablon North America.

Driving sustainability reporting by all organizations, the Global Reporting Initiative produces the GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework,
a comprehensive Framework that is widely used around the world.
The GRI Certified Software and Tools is the program for certifying software and digital tools that contain any GRI copyright protected content.

"Thousands of organizations worldwide report on their sustainability performance using the GRI Guidelines. Sustainable software solutions help make this process easier for organizations" says Elina Sviklina, Program Coordinator - Certified Software and Tools at the Global Reporting Initiative. "We are happy to welcome Enablon to the GRI Certified Software & Tools Program and we look forward to seeing even more reports being produced."

The certification puts the stamp of approval on Enablon Sustainability Management Platform for use by organizations to measure and report their Sustainability Performance according to the GRI G3 Reporting Guidelines. The Enablon solutions allow clients to directly link, assess and report performance metrics against the set of frameworks set by the GRI.

Enablon's mission is to provide software solutions that make organizations sustainable. The company provides the industry’s most comprehensive suite of software, content and technology that enables end-to-end management and reporting of sustainability performance. Enablon solutions are used by more than 250 global companies and 200,000 users across all industries.

Enablon Sustainability Management Platform includes solutions for:

* Corporate Responsibility & Responsible Supply Chain
* Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Performance
* Air, Water, Waste and Chemicals Management
* Regulatory Compliance & Audit Management
* Carbon & Energy Management
* Incident & Risk Prevention
* Product Stewardship

Enablon is also a GRI Organizational Stakeholder (OS) since 2005. Organizational Stakeholders are at the heart of the global,
multi-stakeholder network that constitutes GRI. OS are GRI’s core supporters. OS put their name to GRI’s mission, contribute their expertise, promote GRI in their own network, have an important governance role and invest in GRI through annual financial contributions.

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