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Latest & Best Reads From The Guardian

The Guardian-Sustainable Business is one of the leaders in the Sustainability News, with daily articles, in-depth comments, analysis and thought pieces. Last week, several articles caught my attention and I couldn’t choose only one to present here. This is why you’ll find below my Top 4 articles related to Sustainability challenges:

1. {{LNK|Bad news should not put us off the sustainability struggle|}}: The journey towards a more sustainable world is a challenging one. How do we overcome fear of failure when the task is so large? Jo Confino salutes those professionals who press on with sustainability.

2. {{LNK|Zen and the art of protecting the planet|}}: In a rare interview, zen buddhist master Thich Nhat Hahn warns of the threat to civilisation from climate change and the spiritual revival that is needed to avert catastrophe.

3. {{LNK|Amazon: a tale of two economies|}}: Supporting communities who live in the Amazon rainforest to use the forest sustainably will help to protect it for future generations.

4. {{LNK|Should our forebears have left it to the market to handle Hitler?|}}: No? So why are our politicians listening to those who say we should leave it to the market to handle climate change? Asks Paul Hohnen.

What about you? Any article you would like to share and comment with us?

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