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Connecting Sustainable Brands With Quality, Modernity and Innovation

In June, the Sustainable Brands ’11 Summit will gather more than a hundred Sustainability leaders to discuss “how better brands can succeed by helping shape a brighter future”. Dorothy Mc Kenzie, pioneer of the industry¹s thinking on Brands and Sustainability, was one of the experts invited to the last year session.

As she co-founded the consulting agency {{LNK|Dragon Rouge|}}, Dorothy has “worked with many major companies including Nestlé, GSK and Unilever on positioning, strategy and communication”. In a {{LNK|video of her last year lecture|}} at the {{LNK|Sustainable Brands ‘10|}}, she explains how “Sustainability is a really powerful platform for redesigning brands” and how company will have to count with the key aspects of Quality, Modernity, Relevance and Innovation to change the perception of their customers.

{{LNK|You can watch the video here|}}!

Does it make you want to attend the {{LNK|Sustainable Brands ‘11|}}?

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