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Measuring the Effects of CSR

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#Corporate Governance
This morning I received a very informative newsletter from The Conference Board, presenting their latest “Director Note”: Measuring the Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility. This note aims to exchange ideas about the effectiveness of investments in CSR projects: “As business organizations increasingly invest in corporate social responsibility (CSR), it becomes critical to accurately examine the effects of these endeavors. In particular, business leaders should be able to rely on a coherent set of metrics to assess and prioritize the goals of different stakeholders—the ultimate beneficiaries of CSR programs—and to regularly evaluate progress made by the company in pursuing those goals.”

As Managers of projects in Sustainability, this note interests us all and that’s why I highly recommend you to download it (it is available at the end of this article). Inside, you’ll find:

• The importance of metrics in CSR: “Metrics can greatly help to establish the business legitimacy of CSR”
• Some examples of stakeholders’ metrics, such as Quality of Life Indicators, Pollution and toxicity levels, Quantity and quality of press impact etc…
• Best practices in measuring the effects of your project, including a “time dependent calculation model”
• And much more…!

{{LNK|The Conference Board|}} also make other CSR related “Director Notes” available to download: {{LNK|Sustainability in the Boardroom|}} and {{LNK|What Board Members Should Know About Communicating CSR|}}.

Do you already use some metrics to measure your CSR projects? What the implementation of these metrics successful? Thanks for sharing your tips!

Download the attached file: Directors' Notes.pdf

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