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Australian Youth Climate Coalition


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Our theory of change…

AYCC believes that climate change is the single greatest threat facing humanity, and that young people – as the inheritors of this planet – are the key stakeholder in humanity’s response to the climate crisis. However, we also believe that addressing the climate crisis is an opportunity to create a more sustainable, just and fair Australia.


We’re building a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis.

We do this by educating, empowering, inspiring and mobilising young people across the country.

AYCC’s mission is to create a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis.
We believe that a movement can create the groundswell of support and momentum needed to inspire this transition. Politicians will not support the policy changes we need unless they think their political lives depend on it and businesses will not implement sustainable business practices unless they think their bottom lines depend on it. This will require thousands of people, particularly in politically strategic areas, willing and able to take deep action on climate change when needed.

The scale and breadth of the climate crisis requires urgent, comprehensive action. The latest science tells us that we need to keep carbon pollution to less than 350ppm, and that in order to do this, the world’s carbon pollution needs to peak by 2015 to 2017. This means we have only have, at most, five years left to begin the transition to a zero carbon economy.

Why join
We need a movement, and young people will be at the forefront
It is only through a huge, diverse and committed social movement that we will see the solutions to the climate crisis realised. We believe that young people are a core agent of change in such a movement. At every level AYCC is led by young people. AYCC empowers young people in their local communities to create change on a national scale.


Australian Youth Climate Coalition

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