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The Green Enterprise World Forum

By on January 22, 2013

1Jul 201009:00
1Jul 201018:00
Reasons to attend the Green Enterprise World Forum:

- Find out how Greening your company will save your bottom line
- Learn how to improve performance
- Hear how to maximize efficiency
- Gain perspective through the keynote address and the state of the industry session
- Extend your personal green IT knowledge
- Learn from real case studies on best practice integration of green technologies and the effect they could have on your organization
- Discover why green computing is perfect for SMB’s
- Find out why going green is good for the bottom line
- Discuss emergent trends in the industry and take a look into the future of green IT
- Discover and evaluate products and services
- Get the scoop on the latest products, meet with clients and drum up new business with valuable leads
- Meet some of the best known green IT professionals in person and exchange your experiences.

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