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Webinar: Capturing the Business Value of EHS Software

By Chloe Pott on November 18, 2014

3Dec 201413:00
3Dec 201414:00
In today’s business environment where operational safety and regulatory measures are under increasing scrutiny, many executives across Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), Asset Management, and Operations struggle with capturing the full business value of EHS software. More often than not, this is due to point solutions, disconnected business processes, and a lack of timely information that can severely limit the effectiveness of EHS programs.

However, leading manufacturers today are addressing this challenge by focusing on effective leadership and strong cultural capabilities, supported by EHS solutions deployed as part of a global suite of sustainability management software that interoperates with other core enterprise applications. With a holistic approach, manufacturers are integrating EHS across the entire value chain, and improving in areas such as manufacturing operations management, quality management, risk, and compliance.

In this webinar, President and Principal Analyst Matthew Littlefield and Research Analyst Paul Leavoy of LNS Research will present new research and benchmark data detailing recommendations and best practices for integrating and extracting maximum value from EHS solutions and programs.

Specifically, the webinar will cover:
> The top trends and challenges around EHS and sustainability
> The importance of approaching EHS software and initiatives at an enterprise level and developing a framework to harmonize business processes, metrics, goals, and technology across the organization
> Best practices for holistically managing EHS as part of a larger sustainability management software suite
> Benchmark data on Operational and EHS metrics by industry and why improvement benefits step from an integrated approach to EHS software
> A roadmap for executives to get started deploying EHS software

Weds. Dec 3rd, 2014
1:00 pm CST (Chicago)
2:00 pm EST (New York)
7:00 pm GMT (London)
8:00 pm GMT +1 (Paris)
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