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CSR / Sustainability Reporting: A Marathon Not A Sprint! - Upcoming #3BLchat

By on February 10, 2014

19Feb 2014
The next #3BLchat will explore how to improve engagement and communication of non-financial reports.

Before heading into the Twitter chat we need to have a shared understanding of the current state of play, especially in the midst of such a dynamic period of non-financial reporting evolution. We would recommend taking a quick look at Corporate Register’s insightful CR Perspectives 2013 for a great snapshot of where this agenda is today.

3BL Media aim to facilitate core questions and answers with the invited guests, but strongly recommend that you, and your networks prepare and engage with your own expert questions, resources and responses to provide an essential 60 minutes worth of deep knowledge sharing experience.

Types of areas we will be covering:

· What‘s in a name? - There are countless variations of title alone.

· How to get your Report to stand out in an increasingly crowded space?

· Annual reporting versus consistent engagement – It’s a marathon not a sprint!

· Examples of innovation in reporting communications

· Does the materiality debate help or hinder trust?

· Which communication channels work best for each stakeholder group
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