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Brand Management, Communication & Social Media

By on February 7, 2014

5May 2014
7May 2014
How you communicate your corporate brand promise will shape perceptions of your organization. Join us as the world’s leading marketers, corporate communicators and social media experts reveal new ways to effectively engage your stakeholders in a digital world.

Organizations are under increasing pressure to accelerate brand awareness, acceptance, and results. Consequently, corporate branding strategies need to gain maximum exposure by using campaigns that build long-term relationships with employees and customers. To succeed, a company must consistently redefine the brand promise to include the reliable delivery not just of a valuable product, or even of an image, but of a total experience.

During this conference and workshops you will learn how to maximize the value of your corporate, product and service brands through communication management.

Join us as senior branding and communication executives reveal how they create highly effective brand communication plans that deliver results. Moreover, you will discover how top organizations develop communication strategies under a variety of business conditions.
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