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Webinar: Climate Change 2.0: A Profit-Centric Paradigm For Businesses

By on October 7, 2013

17Oct 2013
For over 20 years the dominant narrative for business discussions on climate change has been shaped by scientific data and forecasts, ethical considerations and government policy. Non-profits, media, scientists and politicians implored business leaders to change their investment decisions to fight climate change. In response, corporations in developed economies have gathered their GHG data and launched sustainability communications campaigns. In addition, utilities have invested in large-scale renewable energy and a small minority of firms have sought to make absolute reductions in GHG emissions. But the prevailing scientific-ethical paradigm has failed to engage the vast majority of business leaders and redirect significant flows of investment capital to climate change programs. Based on an assessment of business opportunities as well as risks, this Verdantix webinar offers a profit-centric paradigm for executives to make sense of climate change for their business.
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